Hat-titude is an education and awareness event that gives men and women a platform to rally in support and join the fight against cancer! The disease is not just limited to breast, prostate, and liver. It’s multifaceted, which is why Hat-titude stands to highlight all forms and variations, in both men and women… and we do it in style!

Hat-titude was birthed from experience. Jerika Head, an Atlanta native and community socialite, takes this event very seriously. Just over a year ago, she lost her mother to a form of this devastating disease and has since used her experience to educate others. “There is so much I did not know about cancer when it tragically hit my family,” testifies Jerika, “My hope is to change the lives of those around me through education and ultimately heal, encourage and prevent the negative impact of this disease.”

A burgeoning trend of multicultural social events, Hat-titude is purposed to raise money for deserving charities. The attire is set as an all-white affair where the attendees are encouraged to wear hats of different colors to represent the various forms of cancer. This way, the event is not only stylishly uniformed, but neutralized from gender and race and focuses the attention on the heart of the effort.

Highlights of Hat-titude include a vendor fair, a live band with musical performances, an “Ask the Doctors” segment, a big hat fashion show and a celebratory, two-line parade! Portions of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.